Cabinet Refacing in Apex, NC

Give you cabinets a fresh look without a major remodel!

Cabinet refacing allows you to revitalize your kitchen with new doors, drawer fronts and hardware, without having to replace the cabinet structure. Consider it a "new kitchen" look without the "new kitchen" price tag. Not everyone needs a full cabinet remodel, but anyone could benefit from cabinet refacing! Consult with Tark Custom Interiors & Remodeling today to see if cabinet refacing or cabinet remodeling is right for you!

Cabinet Refacing in Apex, NC

Benefits of Cabinet Refacing

If you are in between a cabinet remodel or cabinet refacing, consider the many benefits of cabinet refacing below.

1. Saves Money
When you think about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you probably are thinking you want brand new modern materials and styles. Refacing cabinets allows you to give your kitchen or bathroom a modern, custom feel at up to half the cost of replacement.

2. Eco-friendly
This alternative is very eco-friendly. Replacing cabinets involve a certain harmful material called formaldehyde. Refacing reduces exposure to such harmful materials. You'll also be reusing most of the wood, preventing the use of more wood than necessary!

3. Saves Time
Taking out cabinets and putting in brand new ones is a big job that takes a bit more time. If you'd like to leave your kitchen as least disrupted as possible, cabinet refacing is the way to go! In most cases, you'll be without the use of your kitchen or bathroom for less than a week.

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Why Choose Tark Custom Interiors & Remodeling?

  • With us, you have 100s of door styles to choose from. The opportunities to make your dream kitchen or bathroom complete are endless!
  • We make our cabinets in house, so we can add additional cabinetry that was not there before while refacing or refinishing.
  • We can do both kitchens and bathroom vanities.



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